Our Coaches

Coach Lane

Lane has been teaching chess professionally for 15+ years. During that time, he has taught private lessons to over 100 students and taught extracurricular Chess Clubs at over 70 schools in the greater Seattle area. Lane has managed 10 weeks of summer chess camps each year, where he was responsible for the safety and learning of 200 students each week, including managing and training on-site staff. Lane also has 6+ years of experience training coaches on how to run chess clubs at schools. Lane has a USCF Rating of 1869 and a NWSRS rating of 1939. MORE INFO

Coach Tim

Tim has been sharing his passion for chess with students for over 25 years. A five time national scholastic champion and US Candidate Master, Tim brings his deep knowledge of chess at the highest level to help students grow their skills. As a certified FIDE trainer, Tim is an expert in the tools that young players need to succeed, and provides valuable insight into every student’s chess journey. His additional background in childhood development makes him an expert in working with students of all ages and skill levels. Tim is committed to helping every student learn and grow at their own pace. Tim has a peak USCF Rating of 2107 and a NWSRS rating of 2111. Private Lessons: moroney.tim@gmail.com

Coach Pete

Pete started his first elementary school chess club 20 years ago with the desire to bring his love of chess to aspiring young chess students. As a player, Coach Pete has competed in hundreds of tournaments, achieving a rating over 2000 and qualifying him as a National Expert. As a coach, Pete has worked with students ranging from beginners to some of the top rated scholastic players in Washington State. Coach Pete’s extensive chess knowledge helps him develop a unique success plan for each student depending on their individual needs so that they can achieve their chess goals. Pete has a peak USCF Rating of 2006 and a NWSRS rating of 1906. Coach Pete also offers Private Lessons: chesscoachpete@gmail.com

Coach Steve

Steve has 5+ years experience working with children.  He always focuses on making sure all kids are having fun and being challenged.  His best strength is his caring demeanor with his students. Steve excels at being attentive to every student and making sure every individual is having fun. He is great at teaching Beginner level students the chess fundamentals and basics. Steve has a NWSRS rating of 1150. Private Lessons: steve@excelwithchess.com

Coach Hristo

Hristo has been teaching chess professionally for over 15 years. He excels when it comes to working with the most advanced students. He is passionate when it comes to game analysis and its ability in helping each student reach their fullest potential for tournament play. Hristo has a USCF Rating of 1438.

Coach Jerome

Jerome has a newfound passion for the game of chess.  He has a focus on improving his own chess skills and helps relay his passion and knowledge to his students.  One of Jerome’s greatest strengths is teaching the newest chess players the fundamentals of the game.  He recently competed in our state’s biggest chess tournament, the WA Open. Jerome has a USCF Rating of 552 and a NWSRS rating of 845.

Coach Peter

Peter has 5+ years of experience teaching chess.  He strives to make chess as fun as possible for every student in class.  Peter passes on his knowledge to his students from his journey of competing as an elementary chess student himself. He loves to share stories of famous Grandmasters’ games. Peter has a USCF Rating of 1038 and a NWSRS rating of 1492.

Coach Oliver

Oliver has been playing chess actively for the past 4 years. He is rated 1374 NWSRS and 951 USCF. His favorite chess piece is the Pawn because it can be promoted to every piece except for the King! His enjoys playing the Ruy López Chess Opening and his his favorite Checkmate pattern is Smothered Mate. We are happy to have Oliver assisting us in our school programs! Oliver has a USCF Rating of 951 and a NWSRS rating of 1272.

Coach Kai

Kai has been playing chess competitively for the past 5 years. He’s competed in multiple national and international tournaments. Kai has an accomplished rating of 1776 USCF and 1950 FIDE. His favorite chess tactic is the Discovered Attack and excels at playing the Caro-Kann Opening as Black! Kai has also helped judge multiple chess tournaments. Oliver has a USCF Rating of 1770 and a NWSRS rating of 1770.

Coach Sloan

Over the past eight years, Sloan has coached students through private lessons, school chess clubs, group classes, and dedicated training programs. He also regularly visits local tournaments to support his students. You may see Sloan as a substitute coach at one of our school programs. Sloan has a USCF Rating of 2064 and a NWSRS of 2082. He also offers weekly in-person group classes through his company, Grand Knights Chess Academy.  More info

Coach Bert

Bert has 15+ years of Elementary Chess teaching experience. He has helped run close to 100 scholastic chess tournaments, including being one of the head Tournament Directors at the Washington Elementary State Championships. Bert excels in teaching all ages of students ranging from students as young as 4 years old. We appreciate Bert helping us run many of our Excel with Chess State Qualifier Tournaments. Bert has a USCF Rating of 1573 and a NWSRS rating of 1598.

Coach Travis

Travis is an avid tournament player and chess coach who has been teaching chess since 2012. He has achieved a peak USCF rating of 1961, being completely self-taught. His strongest coaching asset is determining the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and working with the student to improve where they are weakest. He has taught at more than 30 schools, several in-home classes, chess camps, and center classes. Besides chess, he has also taught Minecraft classes and tutored math and science at the high school level. Travis has a peak USCF Rating of 1961 and a NWSRS rating of 1864

Coach Harrison

Harrison has 5+ years of Chess teaching experience. His goal is to pass on his chess expertise, improve his own chess understanding, and create a great chess community. Harrison has been the president of multiple chess clubs, including Finn Hill Junior High and the Western Washington University Chess Club President. He also has a YouTube Channel with many instructional videos for students. Harrison has a USCF Rating of 1947 and a NWSRS rating of 1944. Harrison also offers Private Lessons: harrisontoppenryan@gmail.com